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The formatting is embedded in the template “Script Format” which is compatible with Microsoft Word. The template has different styles built in. Here’s how they work:

SCENE HEADING is used for just that. INT/EXT, etc. After typing the Heading just hit return and the style defaults to NORMAL, which is used for the body text. When you want to use dialogue first chooseCHARACTER NAME for the character’s name. The Name you type should be automatically indented and in caps. Then hit return and you’ll go directly to DIALOG, which is set up for dialog. Your dialog will be indented properly and centered. Hit return after the end of your dialogue and the format defaults to another Character Name. When you want to go back to normal body text then choose that style.

TRANSITIONS is a style used for Cut to: on the right side of the page. If you hit return it defaults to Scene Heading. PARENTHETICAL is a style for directions that go right under the character name. Hit return after you finish your parenthetical insert and it defaults to Dialog.

You can create macros and assign F keys to each style so you only have to punch a single key to change the style. The macros are part of each computer’s version of Word so you have to do your own.

Since “Script Format” is a template, every time you open it defaults to a new doc. Use that doc as your new script.

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