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The One Page Synopsis:

The one page synopsis is a terrific learning tool that I encourage all writers to work with. Frequently, I find that a new writer has gone and written a whole script that has problems that could have been addressed easily if that writer had submitted a simple one-page synopsis of their story.

By jamming your entire story into a single page you will find yourself editing out extraneous material and focusing your narrative into a taut, coherent whole.

Whether you send your one-page to me or not I encourage everybody working on a screenplay to take a few minutes to try and boil your story down in a one-pager. You’ll find it an invaluable writing tool.

Analyzing a Script:


I'll read your script and e-mail you a professional, honest evaluation of its saleability. I’ll also comment on its structure, characterizations, dialogue and anything else that I find troublesome.

As a result of my comments you may find you want further input from me in the form of the full Development Notes. If so, then $100 of this fee can be applied against the cost of Development Notes -- on this draft (no fair rewriting and expecting a discount on a new draft).

Development Notes:


I'll give your script a rigorous examination and e-mail you a detailed analysis of your work page by page, scene by scene with specific suggestions about how to improve story, structure, action, characterization, dialogue, formatting and anything else I think needs to be done to improve your material.

I prepare detailed notes, usually around 10 pages - I won't just critique your material - I'll give you step-by-step directions on how to bring it up to professional standards.

In each case snail mail your script to me 
with a check (payable to Mike Cheda).

Or you can send your payment via PayPal to Mike@MikeCheda.com and then email a digital copy of your material.

If you want your hard copy script returned then also include a SASE. If you don’t want your script back then I can simply email the notes to you. That’s what most people do since I almost never write in the script itself.


After you read my thoughts about your material, I'll be delighted to chat with you on the phone or via e-mail at no additional expense.

Analyzing a Concept:


The concept is the most critical element of a screenplay.
If you e-mail me your brief concept (real brief - we're talking TV log line here) I'll let you know if it's commercially viable by return mail.

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